Our Values

Our Mission

As Girl Scouts, our team strives to inspire young middle to high school girls to participate in STEM-based activities such as robotics. By joining our team, young females have the opportunity to grow their curiosity, be creative, and build their problem-solving skills through robotics. We believe that through STEM, every girl can not only have fun but develop a motivation to make the world a better place.

Our Values

As a Girl Scout Robotics Team, Team Holographic holds close to their heart the Girl Scout mission of buildingĀ girlsĀ of courage, confidence, and character and making the world a better place.

We give back to our community in various ways. We work with other Girl Scouts to work on the Girl Scouts robotics badges. We hope to increase our communication skills by working with girls at various age levels (2nd graders and older). We understand that people interested in robotics come from different backgrounds of knowledge and hope to focus more on improvement and the journey of learning robotics.

We want to encourage girls to explore STEM fields and to teach other girls about STEM careers. We believe that girls need to be more aware of the jobs available to them in STEM.